Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Volunteering for the blind

I wish I had had a camera so I could show you the joy I saw. Last night most of the group could not see the smiling faces, but I am sure they heard the joy too.

The Super Bowl was an excellent excuse to get together—even if not all of us were into football. Seven of us Unionites joined workers and students from the Nebraska Commission for the Blind for a party.

I met some new people and the snacks were tasty. Every now and then we would stop and check out the game’s score, but mainly most of us found someone to talk to. The living room was loud, believe me, but it was amazing how open everyone was and how the couple of hours flew.

This morning what stands out to me was one of the new resident’s smiles as she listened to a group of us ladies play Outburst. Like my roommate Beth said, the game “was so much fun!” especially when the director of the commission, who is an awesome person, had us start making up our own trivia.

Sometimes there is nothing better than being a volunteer. I can’t wait for Wednesday night when we will be back. As readers, we will assist the students (all adults) with their homework or read their mail to them. If you are free, come join us. Email me at joworley@ucollege.edu.

-Joyelle W.

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