Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Town Hall Meeting-Presidential Candidates

Topher said "I'm a guy who gets things done and still has time to have fun with friends." He believes that communication is the key to good teamwork. He has two years of experience working on ASB, he also has been an R.A. and done several years on U-crew. Topher thinks that ASB is about getting the students involved so they can impact the world in great ways. His parting words to the audience were “ASB represents Union and they have a duty to be involved and show the passion of Union College students, their passion for school, their passion for life, and their passion for God—the essence of Union College.”

Dan is a very enthusiastic person, so enthusiastic that he repeated that quality several times at the town hall meeting. Why will he make a good president?  Dan said that he is enthusiastic and assertive, and good at getting other people to get things done and be excited. A trend I noticed in all the candidates. His parting words to the audience were to choose wisely and to reflect on the past deeds of each candidate, whether or not those individuals had kept their promises in the past.

A third candidate, Ruth, focused on her ability to manage people and her astounding age—25. Ruth gets very passionate about getting things done the right way. She also believes strongly in giving her subordinates the tools they need to get the job done. Her whole campaign idea is to be a piece of U, she wants to take every ones ideas and spirit and make it part of herself so she can be a piece of U. Ruth’s parting words to the audience carried her sincere wish for people to vote based on the best qualifications not on popularity.

Sadie is a candidate who just recently transferred back to Union after spending a semester at our sister college Walla Walla. She professes to have a new understanding of the spirit of Union, which she explains as our loving attitude towards strangers—who would have thought that Union makes better lovers (1 Corinthians 13). Sadie missed the spirit of Union and now wants to work with it. She wants people to be able to embrace the spirit of Union, both on and off us.

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