Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This past Friday night I joined together with a group of girls to just talk. "Talk about life, talk about love, talk about where dead bodies are buried." (Quote from a movie, sorry) Just Kidding. ClariTea is what it was called.

A time to listen, talk, cry,and laugh, with young woman your own age who may be going through the same things. Hot tea and cookies were provided, and nice comfy couches to sit and relax in.

Now i am not a group talker. I'll say my two cents once in a blue moon, and its usually something funny and sarcastic. However, I did not feel out of place. It was very open and honest, and I felt comfortable and able to express how i really felt.

While listening to the girls talk, it made me realize that not everyone has it together, and that i am not alone. You cant judge a book by its cover. True statement right there. Just because some people look happy, spiritual, and confidnet on the outside, does not mean they are not hurting deep within. Everyone has there own struggles, weaknesses, and stories. Everyone at some point or another questions. Questions who they are, where they are going, and even deeper who God really is.

Clairty is a hard thing to find. Especially in the world today. Especially being young adult woman. Especially being a Christian. Christ said that it is not going to be easy, in fact its going to be really hard. One thing that was mentioned in the group was that the devil is attacking, harder than ever. But Jesus is stronger and He promised He would never leave us alone.

This group of girls,this idea of "ClairTea" is awesome. It was a wonderful way to start the Sabbath, and am glad that i went. :]

xoxoxo Amanda Shea


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