Friday, February 26, 2010

Emily and Leslie's Top 5 Baby Names for Dean Braithwaite's Bundle of Joy.

This top 5 is dedicated to Mr. and Dean Braithwaite and there little bundle of joy! Congratulations!

Emily and I choose our top 5 favorite names and, which are as follows:

1. Desmond
2. Aiden (or Aidan)
3. Garrett
4. Cole
5. Kenley

We took a poll from 52 Rees Hall ladies and this is what they thought of our name choices. Here are our results!

Some people didn't like any of the names at all. Now you can all have an opportunity to let us know what you think Mr. Baby Braithwaite should be named. Maybe Dean Braithwaite and her husband will really like one of your choices! Or maybe not...but it's fun anyways!


  1. don't do Aiden. It's this years most popular name meaning all the kids will have that name and it won't be unique

  2. Kenley is now a girl's name. Names can cross from masculine to feminine, but they never go back to feminine. Try Ken or Kenneth.


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