Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Candidate: Andrew Morgan Financial VP

Stats: Hometown Australia then Colorado. Double major in Business Administration empahsis in finance and Music.

Why you should vote for him?

I have always been very involved in student leadership, both in the community and at each school I have attended. Since starting high school, I have held eight student leadership positions, some years holding two positions in different organizations; I have served as treasurer/financial vice president for four of those years. I am involved in many groups here on campus including freshman class treasurer, Unionaires, Concert Winds, and Chamber Orchestra.

My interests include music, skiing, kneeboarding, roller coasters, and geocaching. I really enjoy meeting new people and just hanging out with friends. I would really like to serve on ASB next year because I want to make a difference at Union.

Money Talks. He listens. That is exactly how I want to serve Union next year. I want to listen to the opinions of each person and help incorporate your ideas into how we plan and budget our year. Thank you for your consideration!

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