Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 9

Christi Daniels:

HOT SHOES. (Even girls sitting next to me were wowing over them). Christi knows how to make a statement. Better yet, she knows how to draw attention to an asset, or potentially to an important issue, by effectively directing her audience’ attention. She did this by having a “wow” accessory and minimizing everything else. The remainder of her attire was elegant, conservative, and promoted respect.

She wore a black pencil skirt which hit at the knee and a teal, silky, long-sleeve blouse. She had obviously taken great pains to iron her shirt and had payed special attention to ironing the collar. Only the top button on the shirt was unbuttoned. Again this showed respect to a professional audience while visually lengthening her neck for a grace-filled look.
-Kortnye Husrt

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