Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Candidate: Topher Thompson ASB President

Stats: Hometown Lincoln NE. Business Major with a Science emphasis

Status: Executive Vice President of ASB and 4th floor RA Prescott Hall


Ever since starting my college experience at Union, I have enjoyed being here. I have wanted to get involved and have succeeded in doing so. This has given me a few years to watch and learn how ASB changes, and how it stays the same. I have been in ASB for two years now, being the Webmaster, and the Executive Vice President.

I have seen what methods work and what methods don’t work in interacting with people and getting things done. Contributing to dorm life for two years as an RA and being on U-Crew for three summers recruiting at camps and camp meetings, has allowed me to work with many different teams. Through my experiences at Union and beyond I have met, and worked with diverse groups and teams and I know that my experience of working with these different teams will translate into a better ASB for you.

If elected president, I look forward to working with the ASB team to bring you a year to remember. Many don’t realize that the President of ASB not only leads the team in your Saturday night events, but also represents you at college board meetings, approves or vetos your senate propositions, deals with emergency situations that may arise during the scholastic year and works with each and every member of the ASB team to ensure that ASB does the best job possible.

I understand what is expected of the Presidential position on ASB and I have the background and expectations of myself to lead how you want to see your year play out in 2010-2011.

Why should you vote for him:

My experience on ASB and in other settings similar has given me the tools and desire to do this job for you, the students of Union College. I am loyal to this school and want everyone here to be as excited as I am about what the coming year could be. Union is the sum of its students, so let’s bring the spirit and experience of Union home again and have a great year in 2010-2011!

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