Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Owen Hansen: Candidate for Executive Vice President.


Stats: Hometown: Bonner Springs KS
Junior Theology Major
Long term goal is to be a hospital chaplain.

Getting to know who he is:
His favorite animal is the Hippopotamus.
He is an avid tea connoisseur.
Lived in Germany for four years.
Favorite T.V. show is M*A*S*H

Current Union For Christ director on ASB, and Campus Ministries
Current Head of Security
Current Student pastor at the Capital View Church

Has have served on ASB, and I know ASB's inner workings, and how it can improve.
Holds multiple leadership positions on and off campus.
Was a class officer two years spanning from Fall '07 to Spring '09
Worked on the Administrative staff at summer camp for the last two years.

Why you should vote for him:

As stated above I am the Union for Christ director this year. In that position I have helped ASB plan and implement the weekend events that have been experienced this last year. As the UFC director I have been able to enable many of our fellow students to use their talents and abilities to bless us in our worship services. My goal has been to foster growth in our student body by allowing students, not myself, to take center stage and show us all how amazing they can be. If you elect me to be the Executive VP my goal will not change. My mode of empowerment will be much different. I will have a core group of student leaders that want to initiate change. My goal will be to do whatever I can do to help them make a difference on our campus's community.

I am heavily involved with the campus. I am the Head of Security on campus. I have a team of guys that I encourage to do everything that they can to make Union students feel safe and help make their life easier. I play intramural sports whenever I can. this year as well as last year I have held a lead role in the plays that have and will be taking place. If there is an activity happening at Union I love to participate and be completely involved. Participating in all of these different activities has allowed me to meet a lot of awesome people. I love meeting people, and getting to know them better. You could say that my passion is people. This is why I want to be your Executive VP next year. We all have things that we want to accomplish at this school, and I can be your representative to the higher ups and say, "This is what Union really wants."

Sadly, next year will be my senior year. Union has become a huge part of my life and I will miss it when I am gone, but I must leave. This means that most of the changes that senate makes will not affect me. Thus, it is also pivotal that next year's Executive VP knows what our student body wants and needs. I will not push my own agenda. I will listen to your wants, worries, and wishes. Your dreams will become my desires. Union students have a great deal of power, and I want to help make sure that you are not being ignored.

My experience as a leader, and my desire to help make Union a better place drive me to help Union progress in any way that I can. Union IS its students. Without us there is no Union. We can build something great together if we are only given that chance, and I believe that together we can accomplish anything. Vote for me as Executive VP 2010-2011, and let us make a difference together!

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