Friday, February 19, 2010

4 for 1

Four candidates, one poster

Posters flood Union students’ existence, but the “Pieces of You” poster stood out to me this week. With elections coming soon four candidates took a fresh approach. They used the same advertising. What does this mean? Are they looking to bring in a click for ASB government?

Ruth shares, “We are not running together, we are endorsing each other.” Ruth, Lauren, Brandee and Nick have all worked together before but it isn’t like they are trying to bring in this established team, they simply know each other and appreciate the skills the others bring.

How will this affect their chances? Will people vote “straight ticket”? Two people sitting in Campus Ministries discussing elections said they would not vote for everyone in the campaign because they wanted verity in the ASB administration
Fact- all four candidates advertising together are business or marketing majors.

Fact- 7 out of the 10 candidates are business or marketing majors (perhaps it is just a good fit for the position.)

Fact- student voted offices make up only half of the ASB; there is still room for more diversity

Was endorsement of other candidates a helpful idea? This style test-run may be the start of new campaigning trends. The 20-20 hindsight of Election Day well reveal all.

-Shelina Berglund


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  2. For the record, back when one of these candidates approached me to sign their petition to run for office, I was told firsthand that any of these four would resign their office if not all elected. Once election officials discouraged that tactic, this group is now marketing itself in this way. I think it's important to remember that in life, you have to learn to work with new people and new personalities; you rarely—if ever—get to choose your own team of friends.

  3. For the record, thank you for your concern. I would like to set the record straight on this matter. Lauren, Brandee, Nick, and I are not going to resign if one is not elected. We decided at the begining to endorce eachother after recieving counsel from trusted faculty and staff. I would love to sit down and chat about this matter further if there is still some concerns weighing on your heart.

    I promise that it was not our intention to provoke any harsh feelings and I appologize if that is the way we have made you feel.

  4. Thank you for the clarification, Ruth. It is greatly appreciated. I intend to carefully evaluate the merits of each candidate in your group individually, but I do respect your freedom to campaign together. Good luck to you during this homestretch!


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