Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 2


His dress shirt was a saturated, electric blue and his tie was a similar pattern and color to the tie Topher wore. The two top buttons of his suit coat were buttoned. This demonstrates his awareness of cultural etiquette.

He sported a lapel pin, a white bracelet on his right wrist and a sports watch on his left wrist. It did not appear that his trousers had been pressed as stated crease lines did were not apparent.

Bangs traditionally aid to soften men’s faces and are used to cover wrinkles and balance a face with a high forehead. Essentially, they create a younger look. Dan’s bangs, with a middle part, did help to balance his facial features. They also created a boyish statement which was in contrast to his deliberately prepared facial hair.

I appreciated his goatee with mustache combo (also known as The Door Knocker and the Straight Medium + Circle Beard). Men who take the time to groom their facial hair show patience and self-value They participate in an art that is under appreciated.

-Kortnye Hurst

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