Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Opinion Poll: Who would you vote for?

The following are opinion polls of who will possible win in next week's ASB elections. Before you go on I would like to make these disclaimers:

Most people who were polled were residents of 1st, 3rd, and 4th floor residents of Rees Hall.
These floors consist of mostly junior and senior women.
Just because you may not have done well in the opinion polls does not mean you should stop trying. This is
   a good way to re-evaluate your campaign, tweek it, or keep it.
Some people didn't vote for all the offices, so if you see the discrepancy between the number of votes  
   for each office that is why.
These polls were taken Wednesday night after the town hall meeting.
I (Taleah Vall├ęs) am going to make comments  that are completely my OPINION alongside each graph.

This may be one of the closest presidential elections in Union's history (or in the last four years I've been here). Even though Ruth is now in the lead, I believe Topher and Dan are definitely going to have a lot of pull especially when it comes to votes from the guys. Students don't overlook Sadie! She is very capable and you should go talk to her about the plans she has. She did a great job as social vice last year. Remember to come to the speeches, that is where it will all be settled.

Look! they are one vote away from eachother. I know it seems like Lauren is way ahead of Owen, but Excel choose to represent the data like that and I'm too tired to fix it. Most people when polled had a very difficult time making up their decision. Side note: this poll most voted on. Suggestion for all readers: go talk to these candidates personally, that way you can make the decision best for you.

How sad is it that I had to make a category for people who didn't know who either candidate is? The student body should know that on Tuesday, Nick Mohr was hospitalized for a concussion so he was unable to come to the town hall meeting. However he better get going with a hardcore campaign because he is unknown to the lower classmen and unfamiliar to the upperclassmen. On the other hand, freshmen really like Andrew Morgan,  most upperclassmen know of him only from his posters.

Remember the disclaimer at the beginning of this blog that most people were polled were upperclass women? I'm sure that this is the reason why Brandee is so much ahead of Christi in this poll. If there was a more even spread I think we would see that it would be a close competition. Take note though ladies: there were people who did not know who you are.

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