Thursday, February 18, 2010

Town Hall Meeting- Social VP Candidates

I was dissatisfied with the town hall meeting for one reason. As the candidates answered the question posed to the group it would lose its meaning. It was like playing telephone and each candidate styled their answer after the previous answer. The question usually became: “what are your qualifications for the job?” This was especially evident in the answers of the social vice candidates because they were usually the last to answer the questions.

Brandee’s qualifications are that she is reliable and will do whatever it is in her power to get the job done. As an event planner/ recruiter for the business division she has learned a lot about planning and the importance of being detailed oriented.

A question posed that wasn’t as mangled in the telephone wires was “what mistake have you made in past positions and what did you learn from that?” She then told a story of one of her first events for the business division. She emailed people to bring certain things, but when they came they brought nothing. After much scurrying around, though, they were able to buy what they needed and the event went on.

One question that she didn’t answer well was “How many ASB events have you been to?” She said “As many as I possibly could.” I’ll give her props because she worded it wisely, however most people caught that and were not satisfied with her vague answer.

Christi did fall into playing the game of telephone too; her answers were about her qualifications. What we learned last night is she is well organized, super organized because she repeated it a lot. She also gives her all in everything that she does, and is a well prepared person. She has been year book editor of her high school which made her great at meeting deadlines, and she is a hard working student. Through her organization and her all, she will make the social scene great.

Her answer to, “what mistake have you made in past positions and what did you learn from that?” was that she was a perfectionist. The answer got mangled in the telephone wire, but that is how most responses came (I don’t fault the social vice candidates entirely for this though, the ASB officers presiding should have clarified and repeated the question more often).

In the exiting polls Christi got high scores from the freshmen, Brandee from the juniors. I think the biggest campaign that both these girls need to do is make sure people vote. Only about 400 students and faculty vote, the highest percentage of voters are freshmen. Ladies campaign wisely.

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