Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wear No Shoes

How important are shoes to you? What is it like to go without shoes for a day? Today go without shoes and see how one pair of shoes can greatly benefit a child's life.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Name this Koala

Here is a Koala the blog has inherited. It needs a name, occupation, it's purpose for being in Lincoln, NE (it's native home is China), and other factoids pertinent to it's existence.

Hopeless vs. Hopeful

I’m a tad confused. Doesn’t the word hopeless mean that a person has no hope or any bright expectations for the future? Thus, if someone is a hopeless romantic shouldn’t that mean that they have no hope about romance? However, it seems that everyone uses the phrase ‘hopeless romantic’ completely out of context. When people say that someone is a ‘hopeless’ romantic shouldn’t they really mean a ‘hopeful’ romantic.

Hopeful romantics are the psychotic people that still believe in fairytales. You know those friends that you roll your eyes at because of their obsessively annoying conquest for their ever elusive “true” love. You can spot a hopeful romantic by their continuous lamentation about perfect relationships. In my opinion, these types of people are basically junkies who get their fix whenever they encounter a love story.

Hopeless romantics on the other hand are the compassionless cynics of the world (i.e. myself). These jaded people are the ones who watch movies and laugh when Romeo and Juliet die. To die for an idealistic, unreachable feeling that doesn’t even exist is a silly way to die. These hopeless people believe that love is a myth and will never accept someone else’s devotion because it can’t possibly be real.

People’s personalities decide if they are romantic, but their experiences make them either hopeful or hopeless. If someone has an excruciating experience that involves love then, they will be a hopeless romantic, but if they have an enriching experience they will become a hopeful romantic. Either way the person is still a romantic at heart. However, please do not get any of these definitions confused with someone who places entirely to much effort into caring about emotions. Because then we are on the subject of what makes an Emo kid and that is a blog in itself.

Michelle Current

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the words of Satan

Part 3: Student's Testimony

Drinking. It’s been the hot topic lately. I’ve heard many disappointed remarks saying they want new reasons why we should abstain from drinking and more personal stories instead of their distant relative’s story. Here’s mine*.
I threw on a hot outfit, snuck out of my house, trudged though my neighbor’s backyards (so nobody would see me walk in our street and tell my parents), hopped a fence to get into the adjacent park and stepped into my dream car owned by a hot guy four years older than me. Our destination? To his friend’s house to get drunk.

It was a small kickback with five of his buddies (whom I didn’t even know). We spent most of the time listening to music, playing beer pong, hanging out, and flirting. Of course we had a fun time! I consumed approximately two beers during the game and I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t realize that drunkenness from beer is delayed and so I asked for more alcohol. I had a shot of Vodka and that did it for me, I was drunk. For a first-timer, not knowing of the delay is dangerous because it can lead to alcohol poisoning when he or she drinks more in order to get drunk.

A common reason for avoiding alcohol is the embarrassment from acting stupid while being drunk. But that never happened to me. Some people don’t like not being able to remember the night. But that didn’t happen to me either. I didn’t experience any memory loss regarding my drunken actions. Another reason to abstain is the vomiting all night and hangover the next morning. But neither of those two happened to me. Other reasons we often hear are the medical complications that come later in life. But we have so much time until then that many of us brush it off.

When Taleah asked me to write my story, I told her I couldn’t because I didn’t regret the fun I had that night (However, I do regret my foolishness and being so naïve). She told me that’s why I should write it; it’s my connection with those who enjoy drinking.

The part that convinces me not to drink is the impaired judgment that I experienced. Mr. Hottie-Man found us a ride back and I didn’t see why since he wasn’t drunk nor did he consume much alcohol! I still can’t believe my rationale! Alcohol can also increase sexual arousal and when coupled with impaired judgment, it can contribute to one’s loss of virginity—not mine, thank goodness. For those who’ve already engaged in sex, it might lead to cheating in a relationship, or lead to pregnancy from unsafe sex.

Also, as Christians we want to be imitators of Christ and set examples for other believers (and non-believers). But how can we be in leadership positions or lead worship if we get drunk on the weekends? Trying to conceal our secrets eats away at our soul, self concept, and integrity.

My parents woke up, realized that I was gone and started calling me two hours into the party. Yes, I did get into trouble and had to sit through some talks (with one of my girl friends discretely holding me up). A few nights later, I told my parents that my choice to drink would be a one-time thing and in the 2 ½ years that have passed since that night, not one drop of alcohol has touched my lips.

I applaud and encourage those who haven’t experimented with alcohol. For those of us who already have, perhaps the decision to abstain from is stronger since we know what we’re missing. Are you strong enough?

* I do not want my story to encourage one-time-experimentation to satisfy one’s curiosity. We all make mistakes, but it is important that we learn from them and not make them a second time. It’s best to learn from others’ mistakes.

-Luciana S.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reactions to the Awareness Worship

The following quotes come from students who attended the alcohol awareness worship.

“I’m pretty sure I taught that same health lesson three weeks ago to my fifth graders.” Emily Carlson

“What impressed me was the audience was respectful and listened to what they said.” Mollie Cummmings

“I felt it was nice, but honestly they didn’t say anything we didn’t know already. We didn’t gain anymore knowledge about alcohol or the situation.” Chipo Chibende

“I didn’t feel that they were very sincere and from some of the comments they made afterwards I knew they weren’t.” Mariah Wood

“I would have respected them a lot more if they said XYZ happened. We made a mistake, apologized for it, then moved on to the topic at hand. Instead of raising my respect level, it lowered it.” Dani Diede

"I wanted powerpoint with that presentation." Isaac Huston

“It was good with the all students and no staff. It was easier to talk.” Jenny Leslie

"When are we going to have a real alcohol awareness program? Last year there was a whole week on it." Taleah Valles

What's your opinion? Not just on the worship, but more importantly on the subject of alcohol. How can you raise awareness? Is there an alcohol problem on Union's campus (or any Adventist campus for that matter) and what are you going to do to combat it?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

World Health Organization on Tanning

WHO: Tanning Beds Cause Cancer

Indoor Tanning Causes Melanoma, Report Shows

By Salynn Boyles

WebMD Health News Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD

July 28, 2009 - A leading global cancer research group is declaring tanning bed use a significant cancer hazard.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced today that it has moved UV tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category -- "carcinogenic to humans."

Prior to the move, the group had classified sun lamp and tanning bed use as "probably carcinogenic to humans."

In an interview with WebMD, the IARC’s Vincent Cogliano, PhD, called the scientific evidence linking indoor tanning to the deadly skin cancer melanoma “sufficient and compelling.”

A dramatic rise in melanoma, especially among young women, has been seen in recent years.

Cogliano said studies conducted over the past decade provide an “an abundance of evidence” that tanning bed use has played a role in this rise, along with direct sun exposure.

“People mistakenly see a tan as a sign of health when it is actually a sign of damage to the skin,” he says.

UVA and UVB Cause Cancer

Cogliano says the IARC group met last month to review the research on tanning beds and the role ultraviolet light exposure plays in skin cancer.

The studies found that ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation all cause cancer in animal models, he says.

This is significant because the indoor tanning industry has often claimed that tanning beds are safe because the bulbs have more UVA radiation than UVB, says American Cancer Society Deputy Chief Medical Officer Len Lichtenfeld, MD.

“This report puts to rest the argument that tanning with UVA light is safe,” Lichtenfeld said in a statement. “As noted by the IARC report, UVA light is also a class I carcinogen and should be avoided.”

The report cited the group’s own research analysis published in 2006, finding the use of tanning beds before age 30 to be associated with a 75% increase in melanoma risk.

A separate study reported last July by researchers from the National Institutes of Health found that melanoma rates among young women in the United States almost tripled between 1973 and 2004.

Beginning in the early 1990s, a particularly dramatic increase was seen in thicker and more lethal melanoma lesions, leading the researchers to conclude that tanning has probably played a significant role in this increase.

Early this year, researchers from the Northern California Cancer Center reported that melanoma cases doubled in the U.S. between the mid 1990s and 2004. The researchers concluded that the increase could not be explained by better screening and earlier detection of the cancer.

About 62,000 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in the U.S. and about 8,000 people died of the disease in 2008, according to the ACS.

“We were not able to examine possible causes for this increase, but there is a lot of evidence that it is related to tanning,” Clarke tells WebMD.

Study co-author Eleni Linos, MD, DrPh, of Stanford University, points to studies showing increases in outdoor and indoor tanning in recent years, especially among young women.

“One of the established risk factors for melanoma is UV light, so both exposure to sun and exposure to tanning beds are probably risk factors.”
Tanning Industry Responds

Last September, International Tanning Association (ITA) Executive Director John Overstreet told WebMD that a report by leading researchers in the fields of melanoma research, dermatology, and cell biology calling for greater regulation of indoor tanning included “irresponsible assertions without providing any concrete link between indoor tanning and melanoma.”

In the spring of 2008, the ITA launched a nationwide campaign questioning this link.

In a news release issued at the time, ITA spokeswoman Sarah Longwell said, “Both the sun and tanning beds have been unnecessarily demonized by special interests using junk science and scare tactics.”

But in a news release issued today, ITA President Dan Humiston acknowledged that UV exposure from tanning beds is not discernibly different from UV exposure from the sun.

“The fact that the IARC has put tanning bed use in the same category as sunlight is hardly newsworthy,” he noted. “The UV light from a tanning bed is equivalent to UV light from the sun, which has had a (carcinogenic) classification since 1992. Some other items in this category are red wine, beer, and salted fish. The ITA has always emphasized the importance of moderation when it comes to UV light from either the sun or a tanning bed.”

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To: those who fake bake.

Dear Fair Skinned Dorm Mates,

I have a question on an epidemic I am seeing on our campus. Tanning. You may wonder why someone of my complexion may care to ponder this subject. But I must admit it intrigues me.

What is the purpose of tanning? You want to appear darker. It seems like our society puts too much emphasis on skin color. So much that you are willing to expose yourself to cancer to achieve this (look up the facts the cancer risk is real…don’t deny it).

I know our campus values health and wellbeing. No smoking, drugs, ect… How is this an exception to the matter?

Please be happy with the color of your skin. Don’t burn yourself into cancer or that dreaded “orange tint”.

In the words of my dear friend, “God is the artist of the color of our skin”.

Remember and embrace your complexion the way it is.


An anonymous black girl


Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Uselessness of a Degree

It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not to deserve them.
—Mark Twain

Imagine spending four years, or more, in school being trained to be the best. You have spent hours studying on Saturday nights instead of spending time with friends. You do your homework, you go to bed late after studying and wake up early to continue studying. Your entire life has been built around learning everything you can from your teachers.

Finally, after all the sacrifices it’s the day of graduation and you walk up to get the diploma you’ve been working so hard for. The president is holding that precious slip of paper up for you to see, then, in front of everyone, he rips it up into little pieces and burns it.

How would you react? Would you be angry or depressed? Would you cry or scream? Would you laugh hysterically or stare in disbelief? Or, would you smile corrigibly and walk away with confidence? How could you not walk away confidently, even with out a diploma you still know everything have you learned.

Nothing can take away what we have learned in college, but are we doing everything we can to learn something new or are we just sitting idly knowing that passing is good enough, because in the end both good and bad students get a diploma. After taking several classes from the same teacher it can be hard to learn something new, but that is our job as students. Being able to look at a problem and finding a way to over come it is what college should teach us. So stop being lazy and take charge of your own education. Unless of course you’re already doing that, then you should take a break and hang out with friends.

Michelle Current

Friday, February 26, 2010

Emily and Leslie's Top 5 Baby Names for Dean Braithwaite's Bundle of Joy.

This top 5 is dedicated to Mr. and Dean Braithwaite and there little bundle of joy! Congratulations!

Emily and I choose our top 5 favorite names and, which are as follows:

1. Desmond
2. Aiden (or Aidan)
3. Garrett
4. Cole
5. Kenley

We took a poll from 52 Rees Hall ladies and this is what they thought of our name choices. Here are our results!

Some people didn't like any of the names at all. Now you can all have an opportunity to let us know what you think Mr. Baby Braithwaite should be named. Maybe Dean Braithwaite and her husband will really like one of your choices! Or maybe not...but it's fun anyways!

What do you dream? (Hannah's Stolen Words of the Week)

"Somewhere There is a Poem" by Gina Loring

Thursday, February 25, 2010

That's What Makes Them Pirates

Summary of the Story

A woman pirate and her crew search high and low across the seven seas to find the pirate who ____________________________*. When the stumble upon ____________________* on an island. Little do they know, these _______________* are just the ones they have been really searching for all this time. With action, romance and confessions of a long-lived pirate crew, this story unfolds into a turn of events that will keep you entertained.

*Go to the show to fill in the blanks!

Characters to watch for:

The Mute: so few words and yet a priceless role.

The Fantastic Parrot Pilfer: I’ve never seen a puppeteer so active.

Kate- Beautiful and charming someone I would very much rescue form the sword of a pirate.

Nathaniel: Have you ever seen someone dance in stocks before?

Mr. Mallard: The manliest pirate voice I’ve ever heard.

Behind the Scenes:

I was able to watch the crew warm up together before the show. It gave me a little background look at how well this group works together and how dedicated and talented they are to do this several times a week.

Why should you see it?

It took my mind to a different land, a land where homework did not even exist. It was very entertaining to see my classmates with talents that I didn’t even know that they had. It was like eating candy.

The music/band was probably my favorite part. Without the music, it would be like taking a pan out of the oven without hot mitts. The music was creative and lively and it made me want to play the tambourine really bad. I give Mike Mennard an A+.


GO WATCH THE PLAY… because if you don’t, you are not truly living.

-Mollie Cummings

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 9

Christi Daniels:

HOT SHOES. (Even girls sitting next to me were wowing over them). Christi knows how to make a statement. Better yet, she knows how to draw attention to an asset, or potentially to an important issue, by effectively directing her audience’ attention. She did this by having a “wow” accessory and minimizing everything else. The remainder of her attire was elegant, conservative, and promoted respect.

She wore a black pencil skirt which hit at the knee and a teal, silky, long-sleeve blouse. She had obviously taken great pains to iron her shirt and had payed special attention to ironing the collar. Only the top button on the shirt was unbuttoned. Again this showed respect to a professional audience while visually lengthening her neck for a grace-filled look.
-Kortnye Husrt

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 8

Brandy sported a HUGE smile. She is genuinely a happy person.
She is less concerned with conservative traditions and is confident in who she is as an individual. Her fun, flirty ensemble featured grey,/smoky-blue eye shadow, a dress with an above-the-knee black bottom and a cap-sleeve, low V- neck top in a fun black, white, and blue print. She modeled a patriotic color pallet as the final solid color appeared in her low, red heals.

Brandy’s hair looked sharp. It looked like it had recently been trimmed and I couldn’t see any roots. It was neatly pulled half-way back, showing off her face’s bone structure and creating a welcoming feel. This tells me that she cares about presentation. After all, perception = reality.
-Kortnye Hurst

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 7

Owen Hansen:
Owen’s appearance indicated that he is living the life of a busy, male college student. For that, he may likely be able to empathize with the crammed schedules of the masses.

The dress shirt’s collar was not starched, the pants were crumpled, and the shoes unpolished. His pants were hemmed at an appropriate length, he sported a silver ring on his left pointer finger, one black and one white bracelet on his left wrist. His glasses were smart, with modern frames in a neurtral color.
This bachelor may not be focused on the bells and whistles, but is about getting the job done.
-Kortnye Hurst

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 6

Lauren Keller:

I have to admit that the overall look felt busy. My eyes wandered from the fluffy, black clip that neatly pulled Lauren’s hair back, to the band of white around her waist which was created by a layered shirt, to the black vest, the artistic bluish-purple eye shadow, small silver necklace, green campaign sticker, and overall pow of red present in the three-quarters sleeve length sweater.

When translated, this could be a good thing. People with many talents can be a bit to take in. They spin many plates and in Lauren’s case, express highly creative tendencies mixed with a desire to be professional and a drive for success in all areas that they undertake.

From observing her dress style, I got the “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun” vibe, a belief that she is forward-thinking and innovative. It also led me to believe that she desires to be appropriate (as evidenced by the layered shirt she wore to prevent midriff).
-Kortnye Hurst

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 2


His dress shirt was a saturated, electric blue and his tie was a similar pattern and color to the tie Topher wore. The two top buttons of his suit coat were buttoned. This demonstrates his awareness of cultural etiquette.

He sported a lapel pin, a white bracelet on his right wrist and a sports watch on his left wrist. It did not appear that his trousers had been pressed as stated crease lines did were not apparent.

Bangs traditionally aid to soften men’s faces and are used to cover wrinkles and balance a face with a high forehead. Essentially, they create a younger look. Dan’s bangs, with a middle part, did help to balance his facial features. They also created a boyish statement which was in contrast to his deliberately prepared facial hair.

I appreciated his goatee with mustache combo (also known as The Door Knocker and the Straight Medium + Circle Beard). Men who take the time to groom their facial hair show patience and self-value They participate in an art that is under appreciated.

-Kortnye Hurst

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 5


FINALLY. Something different. Taleah leaned into me and whispered, “Daring—I love it!”

Nick’s look was unlike any of the other candidates. He wore a saturated, purple dress shirt and a tie with pink and purple diamonds that were checkered across the cloth and faded into a white diamond pattern. He was had the social etiquette to fasten his suite coat’s top two buttons and was the only candidate who took enough pride in details to polish his shoes.

He sported a yellow bracelet on his right wrist and a chunky silver ring, showing his masculinity.

His hair appeared to have been cut recently and was lightly gelled. He had shaved groomed his goatee with mustache combo. The shorter length of his stache and beard implies a knowledge of more contemporary trends. This may imply that he would also be aware of trends and be up-to-date on Union College news.

(Oh- and ladies, if you are want your man to adopt this trendy look which is oh-so-popular among the ASB male candidates, you can find step-by-step instructions for it and other facial hair grooming styles at gillette styles)

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 4

Andrew’s hair is chin length and very healthy. (Wonder what conditioner he uses . . ) Ever time I see his swish his hair, I am reminded of the movie Shrek 3 and remember Prince Charming playfully tossing his hair (Yes, Andrew is like Charming). His has a sweet personality and, in retrospect, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say something mean about anyone.

His loveable look was supported by a candy cane, red and silver stripped tie, a pair of neutral color glasses, and braces.
-Kortnye Hurst

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 3

First thought: “This girl knows how to dress for her body type.” The entire composition accentuated all of the right things and tastefully flattered the rest. This made me wonder if she has a talent for bringing out the student body’s assets as well.

Ruth does not want to blend in. While her outfit was thoughtfully prepared to accommodate traditional audiences, her color pallet was not dark. Her pants were a light to medium grey, and her classy yet cute, cap-sleeved shirt was a creamy, lace material. Unfortunately, the trousers drug on the ground; however, this was not as overwhelming a blooper since her entire look was nicely packaged by minimalistic accessories in patriotic solids. The accent pieces were a thin, red belt, which emphasized the small of her waist, and blue dress shoes.
-Kortnye Hurst

Updated poll results

We have over a hundred votes and thought you'd all like to see them. Will the results hold true when the polls close? We'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect

When I was first asked to write for The Rees Hall’s Clog, covering what the ASB candidates wore at their campaign speeches and what it meant, I was a bit hesitant.

It’s like giving myself more homework.

. . . I might not be out of a meeting on time to attend Chapel.

What if I need chapel time to review for the quiz in my next class?

These thoughts streamed through my mind. Suddenly, it hit me over the head like a “no-duh.” I mean, how often is a girl asked to critique what others are wearing?!

Women were born to criticize- I mean, critique. Short of being a snobbish judge on Project Runway, or a fashion diva extraordinaire from TLC’s What Not to Wear, this opportunity virtually never arrives.

Today, upon Rees Hall request, I stepped into the shoes of Stacy London (one of the hosts on What Not to Wear). Today, I had permission to be a critic.

Presidential Candidates

Topher Thompson:

My father is obsessed with shined shoes. He has repeatedly told me, “Kortnye, when you are hiring people (or looking for a husband), look at the souls of their shoes. If the soles are not shined, they will not pay attention to other details.”

Maybe it was the respectable distance of the front row from the stage, but it did not appear that he had invested the time to shine his shoes.

I rate Topher’s overall look in the top two for the male candidates. Other than the shoe observation, his ensemble was crisp. He appealed to a traditional audience by wearing a grey suite with muted pinstripes. The collar of his white dress shirt was starched, and the shirt’s cuffs reached the appropriate length. His hemmed trousers hit just above the floor. His tie was a collage of diagonal rectangles in a variety of blue hues. This was a small hint at his fun side.

-Kortnye Hurst

Who is going to win?

Here are the polls. People were asked right after convocation this morning and in the cafeteria at lunch. Do you think this is an accurate reflection of who people will vote for? Leave a comment if you have any predictions on who the winner will be.

Being fiscally repsonsible may require a TI-84 calculator

The best speeches of the entire ASB convocation were given by the Financial VP candidates. Both Andrew Morgan and Nick Mohr, had a clear message, well spoken, and even got a couple laughs from the audience. Both candidates are relatively unknown to the student body and it was obvious that the audience was anxious to hear what the two guys stood for, and why they deserved your vote.

Andrew Morgan was first to give his speech. He stressed how he wanted to be a listener of the people especially when it comes to how the money is spent. His campaign motto clearly states “money talks, he listens.” Students pay a pretty penny not just for an education, but also the activities on campus. With a budget over $100,000 Andrew gave an idea of putting the budget online so students could see that it was being used wisely. He was the financial VP at Campion Academy all four years and has talked with Jared Weikum, the current financial VP, about the job and what it takes. If voted into office he plans on being a great listener, having an open mind, and to use his TI-84 often.

Nick Mohr, has been MIA the last week due to a series of unfortunate events. Last week he slipped and fell and had to be hospitalized for a concussion. However, his absence was made up by his speech. He told his personal story of how he went to Union a couple of years ago, left, then came back this year. Why did he come back? Because, “Union made a difference.” The years in-between his Union experiences he worked in Texas for a company that sold fasteners. He learned a lot and became one of the operation managers. As manager he learned all aspects of the job, but spent most of his time in the accounting office. He learned how to analyze a budget, when it is okay to take financial risks and when it’s not, and that “money drives everything.” With this experience and a couple years of being financial VP for Enterprise Academy (now Great Plains Academy) he feels that he is ready and capable of getting the job done.

Both candidates proved of their worthiness to be voted for in their speeches. Now it’s up to you to decide.

What Big RIch has to say about the Elections


Follow him at

Vice President AKA ruler of senate

Two accomplished candidates are running for vice president: Lauren Keller and Owen Hansen. Both will be seniors, both believe in giving Union a senate to be proud of, and both are worthy candidates for the position. I hope that each voter gives careful consideration to both candidates before choosing.

Lauren started her speech by moving from the stage to the floor, making it so she was on an even level with the students, an essential position for vice president. To be able to effectively lead senate she will need her ability to understand people by being on the same playing field. Lauren has two years of previous senate experience and knows how to get things done effectively. She quoted an old Chinese proverb “Tell me I’ll forget, show me, I may remember, but involve me and I’ll understand.” Her goal for next her as ASB vice president is to show every student that “they have a voice, and that voice matters.”

Owen also spoke from the floor instead of the stage, starting with his experiences of Union College. Owen has seen the impact that ASB has on the students and how in return the students impact ASB. He focused specifically on how students are Unions highest priority, because with out students there would be no college. Because next year is his senior year Owen has no agenda to push in senate, everything that he will work on next year will be for the future students. To make their experiences more enjoyable, their lives easier, and their goals attainable is what senate is for. Owen wants nothing more than to give the students of Union College a place they can comfortably discuss their dreams, desires and distresses—and that place is senate.

Click here to vote!

-Michelle Current

Students giving their opinion: video blogging

The presidents sum it up.

Friends this is an exiting interview with the presidential candidates. Sorry for all the videos being sideways.

So in the order that they presented:

Click here to vote!

The Presidential Review

Nerves were silenced…or heightened…as the school sang "Slinga the Ink" to open today’s ASB election convocation. The hype and excitement of presidency became more noticeable as each candidate stepped up to make their mark in the mind of voters.

Topher Thompson, the lil' bro of the current ASB president Phil Thompson, was the first to give a speech. In Topher’s eyes, a president’s job is to bring unity to ASB. It isn’t the president’s job to plan social events, create a spiritual atmosphere, balance the budget or change policies. It is the president’s job to unify ASB. Topher also pointed to his track record of leadership experience and qualifications. How his passion for ASB started his freshman year where he first caught a glimpse of what ASB does. “I love God. Love people. Love Union,” Topher said as he brought his speech to a close.

Dan Martinez, the current Social VP of ASB, followed Topher. It was a familiar face with a different message: balance. “We’ve had a great year so far,” Dan said. “We’ve stayed under budget allowing for a game show night with lots of prizes!” But can Union be swayed with mere prizes? Dan goes on to explain how he gets things done in a successful way. Dan also shared his testimony. How he could have chosen any school in the country, but choose Union. He has been blessed with that experience and wants to give back. He knows how to manage and empower. Dan claims to have captured the ASB culture. It is not just about social events. Dan hopes to make all aspects of ASB as strong as the social side. Students should feel the full impact of ASB.

The hype in the air buzzed with energy as Ruth Ibuado took the stage. She’s part of a four person campaign: running together but separately. The video by Andy Seiler entertained and brought a unique aspect to the speeches. “My mom taught me that I deserve the best,” Ruth said. “My mom also taught me to give my best too.” And that’s exactly what she strives to do. Ruth testified that she gives 110% in everything she does (well she tries in school). Coopers Corner has tripled in business since she took over as manager. She then addresses a concern that has been whispered through our campus: How do she and the other three campaign members pay for all of the food and prizes? “We may have more resources than others,” Ruth says. “But I’m not talking about money. We’ve made contacts on our campus that have really helped us out.” Voters were left with the voice of Martin Luther King Jr. echoing through her closing. She shared a dream. A dream of ASB working together with other clubs to create a distinct atmosphere, a dream of Slinga de Ink being sung all over the world and a dream of a better ASB.

The speeches ranged from typical to thought-provoking. The clutter of campaign posters is starting to fade into the background. So who did make their mark?
-Kelly Phipps


This past Friday night I joined together with a group of girls to just talk. "Talk about life, talk about love, talk about where dead bodies are buried." (Quote from a movie, sorry) Just Kidding. ClariTea is what it was called.

A time to listen, talk, cry,and laugh, with young woman your own age who may be going through the same things. Hot tea and cookies were provided, and nice comfy couches to sit and relax in.

Now i am not a group talker. I'll say my two cents once in a blue moon, and its usually something funny and sarcastic. However, I did not feel out of place. It was very open and honest, and I felt comfortable and able to express how i really felt.

While listening to the girls talk, it made me realize that not everyone has it together, and that i am not alone. You cant judge a book by its cover. True statement right there. Just because some people look happy, spiritual, and confidnet on the outside, does not mean they are not hurting deep within. Everyone has there own struggles, weaknesses, and stories. Everyone at some point or another questions. Questions who they are, where they are going, and even deeper who God really is.

Clairty is a hard thing to find. Especially in the world today. Especially being young adult woman. Especially being a Christian. Christ said that it is not going to be easy, in fact its going to be really hard. One thing that was mentioned in the group was that the devil is attacking, harder than ever. But Jesus is stronger and He promised He would never leave us alone.

This group of girls,this idea of "ClairTea" is awesome. It was a wonderful way to start the Sabbath, and am glad that i went. :]

xoxoxo Amanda Shea

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I see you.

The morning started like any other, waking up to a shrill alarm clock. Something no one likes, and if you do you’re mental. However, the small heart attack I had when my alarm went off was nothing compared to what happened when I went to take a shower and saw a guy standing in the doorway. That isn’t exactly correct, I saw a poster with a guys face on it, which I, in my sleep depravation, thought was a real guy. After a few seconds of bewildered embarrassment I realized my mistake, though I was still embarrassed and bewildered but for other reasons. And so began my encounter with ASB campaign paraphernalia.

I am not against people using any methods to get elected, so long as everything stays legal, but there comes a point when the audience just doesn’t care anymore. I have seen the posters and stickers everywhere. Something that should be normal for campaigning, but in the bathroom. Really? I just don’t understand that approach.

It seems that the longer these campaigns go on the less environmentally friendly they become. A few posters sure, but having them plastered everywhere is not only tacky but a waste. It clutters the boards leaving no room for real updates and it will cause undue amounts of trash. Unless the participants are willing to hunt down all their posters and recycle the ones they aren’t going to keep, I don’t think they should put up any. I would also like to be able to eat and drink with out someone trying to persuade me to believe they are the best candidate.

Tuesday will be a joyous day for me because all the campaigning will end. Sure some people are going to be crushed as their unrealistic dreams hit reality, but I will finally be able to go about my life in peace. I wish all the contestants luck, unless the don’t take down their own posters and recycle them once this is all over.

Michelle Current

Friday, February 19, 2010

4 for 1

Four candidates, one poster

Posters flood Union students’ existence, but the “Pieces of You” poster stood out to me this week. With elections coming soon four candidates took a fresh approach. They used the same advertising. What does this mean? Are they looking to bring in a click for ASB government?

Ruth shares, “We are not running together, we are endorsing each other.” Ruth, Lauren, Brandee and Nick have all worked together before but it isn’t like they are trying to bring in this established team, they simply know each other and appreciate the skills the others bring.

How will this affect their chances? Will people vote “straight ticket”? Two people sitting in Campus Ministries discussing elections said they would not vote for everyone in the campaign because they wanted verity in the ASB administration
Fact- all four candidates advertising together are business or marketing majors.

Fact- 7 out of the 10 candidates are business or marketing majors (perhaps it is just a good fit for the position.)

Fact- student voted offices make up only half of the ASB; there is still room for more diversity

Was endorsement of other candidates a helpful idea? This style test-run may be the start of new campaigning trends. The 20-20 hindsight of Election Day well reveal all.

-Shelina Berglund

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Town Hall Meeting- Social VP Candidates

I was dissatisfied with the town hall meeting for one reason. As the candidates answered the question posed to the group it would lose its meaning. It was like playing telephone and each candidate styled their answer after the previous answer. The question usually became: “what are your qualifications for the job?” This was especially evident in the answers of the social vice candidates because they were usually the last to answer the questions.

Brandee’s qualifications are that she is reliable and will do whatever it is in her power to get the job done. As an event planner/ recruiter for the business division she has learned a lot about planning and the importance of being detailed oriented.

A question posed that wasn’t as mangled in the telephone wires was “what mistake have you made in past positions and what did you learn from that?” She then told a story of one of her first events for the business division. She emailed people to bring certain things, but when they came they brought nothing. After much scurrying around, though, they were able to buy what they needed and the event went on.

One question that she didn’t answer well was “How many ASB events have you been to?” She said “As many as I possibly could.” I’ll give her props because she worded it wisely, however most people caught that and were not satisfied with her vague answer.

Christi did fall into playing the game of telephone too; her answers were about her qualifications. What we learned last night is she is well organized, super organized because she repeated it a lot. She also gives her all in everything that she does, and is a well prepared person. She has been year book editor of her high school which made her great at meeting deadlines, and she is a hard working student. Through her organization and her all, she will make the social scene great.

Her answer to, “what mistake have you made in past positions and what did you learn from that?” was that she was a perfectionist. The answer got mangled in the telephone wire, but that is how most responses came (I don’t fault the social vice candidates entirely for this though, the ASB officers presiding should have clarified and repeated the question more often).

In the exiting polls Christi got high scores from the freshmen, Brandee from the juniors. I think the biggest campaign that both these girls need to do is make sure people vote. Only about 400 students and faculty vote, the highest percentage of voters are freshmen. Ladies campaign wisely.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Town Hall Meeting-Presidential Candidates

Topher said "I'm a guy who gets things done and still has time to have fun with friends." He believes that communication is the key to good teamwork. He has two years of experience working on ASB, he also has been an R.A. and done several years on U-crew. Topher thinks that ASB is about getting the students involved so they can impact the world in great ways. His parting words to the audience were “ASB represents Union and they have a duty to be involved and show the passion of Union College students, their passion for school, their passion for life, and their passion for God—the essence of Union College.”

Dan is a very enthusiastic person, so enthusiastic that he repeated that quality several times at the town hall meeting. Why will he make a good president?  Dan said that he is enthusiastic and assertive, and good at getting other people to get things done and be excited. A trend I noticed in all the candidates. His parting words to the audience were to choose wisely and to reflect on the past deeds of each candidate, whether or not those individuals had kept their promises in the past.

A third candidate, Ruth, focused on her ability to manage people and her astounding age—25. Ruth gets very passionate about getting things done the right way. She also believes strongly in giving her subordinates the tools they need to get the job done. Her whole campaign idea is to be a piece of U, she wants to take every ones ideas and spirit and make it part of herself so she can be a piece of U. Ruth’s parting words to the audience carried her sincere wish for people to vote based on the best qualifications not on popularity.

Sadie is a candidate who just recently transferred back to Union after spending a semester at our sister college Walla Walla. She professes to have a new understanding of the spirit of Union, which she explains as our loving attitude towards strangers—who would have thought that Union makes better lovers (1 Corinthians 13). Sadie missed the spirit of Union and now wants to work with it. She wants people to be able to embrace the spirit of Union, both on and off us.

Opinion Poll: Who would you vote for?

The following are opinion polls of who will possible win in next week's ASB elections. Before you go on I would like to make these disclaimers:

Most people who were polled were residents of 1st, 3rd, and 4th floor residents of Rees Hall.
These floors consist of mostly junior and senior women.
Just because you may not have done well in the opinion polls does not mean you should stop trying. This is
   a good way to re-evaluate your campaign, tweek it, or keep it.
Some people didn't vote for all the offices, so if you see the discrepancy between the number of votes  
   for each office that is why.
These polls were taken Wednesday night after the town hall meeting.
I (Taleah Vallés) am going to make comments  that are completely my OPINION alongside each graph.

This may be one of the closest presidential elections in Union's history (or in the last four years I've been here). Even though Ruth is now in the lead, I believe Topher and Dan are definitely going to have a lot of pull especially when it comes to votes from the guys. Students don't overlook Sadie! She is very capable and you should go talk to her about the plans she has. She did a great job as social vice last year. Remember to come to the speeches, that is where it will all be settled.

Look! they are one vote away from eachother. I know it seems like Lauren is way ahead of Owen, but Excel choose to represent the data like that and I'm too tired to fix it. Most people when polled had a very difficult time making up their decision. Side note: this poll most voted on. Suggestion for all readers: go talk to these candidates personally, that way you can make the decision best for you.

How sad is it that I had to make a category for people who didn't know who either candidate is? The student body should know that on Tuesday, Nick Mohr was hospitalized for a concussion so he was unable to come to the town hall meeting. However he better get going with a hardcore campaign because he is unknown to the lower classmen and unfamiliar to the upperclassmen. On the other hand, freshmen really like Andrew Morgan,  most upperclassmen know of him only from his posters.

Remember the disclaimer at the beginning of this blog that most people were polled were upperclass women? I'm sure that this is the reason why Brandee is so much ahead of Christi in this poll. If there was a more even spread I think we would see that it would be a close competition. Take note though ladies: there were people who did not know who you are.

Town Hall Meeting-Executive VP

At Union’s first Town Hall Meeting, the candidates for ASB all answered questions presented by the students. Lauren Keller and Owen Hansen are both running for executive vice and both poised a hard bargain for those of you voters.

Lauren is a business major, emphasis in marketing. When asked how her friends would describe her, she said: considerate, empathetic, and able to good give advice. In working with teams, she thinks it is important to bring out the strong qualities of people. One quality that makes her more qualified than her competitors is her leadership ability and her ability to get things finished. One mistake she has made in the past is to emotionally take her work home with her. She is learning to share the burden with others. Her closing remarks that she wanted everyone to go home with are, “I want these to be the best years of our lives together.”

Owen is a Theology major with a minor in Biblical languages. When asked how his friends would describe him, he said: busy works well under stress, and efficient. In working with teams, he would assign tasks that people are passionate about—he said it helps them accomplish tasks faster. One quality that makes him a better candidate for the position is all of his administrative assignments. As head of Union security and head of counselors at camp, he has learned how to bring teams together. One mistake he has made in past leadership experiences is stopping a problem too late. Two of his counselors got into a fight and if he had stepped in early, it could have been prevented. He has learned to take care of problems when they first arise. He left the town hall meeting saying, “I’m here fore you and without you, I’m nothing.”

-Michelle R.

Quick Links to Candidates

Presidential candidates:
Ruth Ibaudo
Topher Thompson
Sadie Wren
Dan Martinez

Executive VP candidates:
Lauren Keller
Owen Hansen

Social VP candidates:
Christi Daniels
Brandee Eisele

Financial VP candidates:
Andrew Morgan
Nick Mohr

Owen Hansen: Candidate for Executive Vice President.


Stats: Hometown: Bonner Springs KS
Junior Theology Major
Long term goal is to be a hospital chaplain.

Getting to know who he is:
His favorite animal is the Hippopotamus.
He is an avid tea connoisseur.
Lived in Germany for four years.
Favorite T.V. show is M*A*S*H

Current Union For Christ director on ASB, and Campus Ministries
Current Head of Security
Current Student pastor at the Capital View Church

Has have served on ASB, and I know ASB's inner workings, and how it can improve.
Holds multiple leadership positions on and off campus.
Was a class officer two years spanning from Fall '07 to Spring '09
Worked on the Administrative staff at summer camp for the last two years.

Why you should vote for him:

As stated above I am the Union for Christ director this year. In that position I have helped ASB plan and implement the weekend events that have been experienced this last year. As the UFC director I have been able to enable many of our fellow students to use their talents and abilities to bless us in our worship services. My goal has been to foster growth in our student body by allowing students, not myself, to take center stage and show us all how amazing they can be. If you elect me to be the Executive VP my goal will not change. My mode of empowerment will be much different. I will have a core group of student leaders that want to initiate change. My goal will be to do whatever I can do to help them make a difference on our campus's community.

I am heavily involved with the campus. I am the Head of Security on campus. I have a team of guys that I encourage to do everything that they can to make Union students feel safe and help make their life easier. I play intramural sports whenever I can. this year as well as last year I have held a lead role in the plays that have and will be taking place. If there is an activity happening at Union I love to participate and be completely involved. Participating in all of these different activities has allowed me to meet a lot of awesome people. I love meeting people, and getting to know them better. You could say that my passion is people. This is why I want to be your Executive VP next year. We all have things that we want to accomplish at this school, and I can be your representative to the higher ups and say, "This is what Union really wants."

Sadly, next year will be my senior year. Union has become a huge part of my life and I will miss it when I am gone, but I must leave. This means that most of the changes that senate makes will not affect me. Thus, it is also pivotal that next year's Executive VP knows what our student body wants and needs. I will not push my own agenda. I will listen to your wants, worries, and wishes. Your dreams will become my desires. Union students have a great deal of power, and I want to help make sure that you are not being ignored.

My experience as a leader, and my desire to help make Union a better place drive me to help Union progress in any way that I can. Union IS its students. Without us there is no Union. We can build something great together if we are only given that chance, and I believe that together we can accomplish anything. Vote for me as Executive VP 2010-2011, and let us make a difference together!

Candidate: Sadie Wren-President

Stats: Junior, Language Arts Education Major.
           Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

I am ready to use my skills in leadership to help students truly embrace the spirit of Union College. I am passionate about all aspects of ASB and have worked in nearly all areas. Below is a list of the positions in which the ASB president is in charge of encouraging, advising, and helping. Following the position title, you will find my experience in that area.

At Union College: Social VP 2008-2009, yearbook editor in high school. Speaker for the U-Crew summer recruitment team.

At Walla Walla University (Fall 2009): Ad Manager of ASWWU (Associated Students of Walla Walla University--sold $13,000 in one quarter) managed the funds that came in and out, sent out invoices, and kept record of what was received. Staff writer for the Collegian. Webmaster and PR director for Campus ministries.

Why you should vote for her:
I have experience, but I also have passion and vision. If elected, I will not only lead in the present, but prepare for leadership for the future by starting the first Leadership Conference on our campus for academy leaders. I will provide at least ten community ASB brightly colored bikes on campus so that people can ride to class and not be late, have fun, and not freeze in the winter. I will make ASB more than a Saturday night activity. All officers will hold office hours and these hours will be posted. Positions such as Webmaster and Academic Activities Director will be evaluated and clear goals will be set in regard to what the job includes. I would like to see the Webmaster include classified ads on our webpage so students can buy and sell or look for roommates easily. I envision the academic coordinator using the webpage to organize study groups and reserve study rooms.

I know the potential that each area has and I am ready to achieve that potential. I am ready to share my love for Union college with everyone on campus and off by working with ASB officers and administration.

If You're Out There, Celebrate Black History month

There is still oppression out there. Be the change to combat it, and grant freedom.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Candidate: Brandee Eisele Social VP

I am a Junior Marketing major from Missouri

Interests and hobbies:

Volunteering, volleyball, shopping, traveling, cooking, movies, bowling, exercising, being active, meeting new people, trying new things, designing, and anything fun!

A glimpse into my past.

I have been at Union college for almost 3 years and will be starting my senior year in the fall of 2010. Since my time here at Union I have had many opportunities to grow and increase my expertise in many areas.

Last year 2008-09 I accepted a job in the Business Division as Event Coordinator. Events became a deep interest and I worked hard to create fun, interesting and important times for everyone involved. As the year went on I found out how much I really enjoyed the logistics of planning and coordinating events.
Last summer of 2009 I had an amazing opportunity to work as an Adventist Health System Intern for Florida Hospital Publishing. Through the course of the summer I learned a lot about planning events for a large facility as well as creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy. After the internship ended I was asked to stay on as a contract employee during my junior year. Along with working for Florida Hospital Publishing I also pick up hours for HomeInstead, a senior care facility based out of Lincoln, and I babysit two little girls three days a week.

Why you should vote for me

Through all of my experiences I have learned to manage my time and become very organized. I pay close attention to the details as well as the big picture. My creativity and knowledge of how things run are part of what has made me successful in the past. I love working with people and I’m very open to the opinions, ideas and comments of others. My piece of U is personality; my personality has brought me success in event planning in the past. So let me be your piece.

Candidate: Topher Thompson ASB President

Stats: Hometown Lincoln NE. Business Major with a Science emphasis

Status: Executive Vice President of ASB and 4th floor RA Prescott Hall


Ever since starting my college experience at Union, I have enjoyed being here. I have wanted to get involved and have succeeded in doing so. This has given me a few years to watch and learn how ASB changes, and how it stays the same. I have been in ASB for two years now, being the Webmaster, and the Executive Vice President.

I have seen what methods work and what methods don’t work in interacting with people and getting things done. Contributing to dorm life for two years as an RA and being on U-Crew for three summers recruiting at camps and camp meetings, has allowed me to work with many different teams. Through my experiences at Union and beyond I have met, and worked with diverse groups and teams and I know that my experience of working with these different teams will translate into a better ASB for you.

If elected president, I look forward to working with the ASB team to bring you a year to remember. Many don’t realize that the President of ASB not only leads the team in your Saturday night events, but also represents you at college board meetings, approves or vetos your senate propositions, deals with emergency situations that may arise during the scholastic year and works with each and every member of the ASB team to ensure that ASB does the best job possible.

I understand what is expected of the Presidential position on ASB and I have the background and expectations of myself to lead how you want to see your year play out in 2010-2011.

Why should you vote for him:

My experience on ASB and in other settings similar has given me the tools and desire to do this job for you, the students of Union College. I am loyal to this school and want everyone here to be as excited as I am about what the coming year could be. Union is the sum of its students, so let’s bring the spirit and experience of Union home again and have a great year in 2010-2011!

Candidate: Lauren Keller Executive VP

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Major: Business Administration Emphasis: Marketing Minor: Communications

Tidbits: Attended summer school in Valencia Spain studying Spanish and culture. Attended a week long leadership seminar in North Dakota.


• Was first recognized as a leader in the sixth grade when chosen to represent my public school as a Page at the Topeka, Kansas Capital.

• Currently holds is secretary for class of 2011.

• I have been voicing the concerns of students for two years as a Senator.

Why you should vote for her:

I attended public school for five years and later went to Midland Academy, I believe that the time I spend in public school made me well rounded. No one knew what an Adventist was, and I made it my personal mission to be an example daily. Although talking about God to all of my fellow class mates did not make me many friends, I learned a lot about people. Different cultures and different beliefs surrounded me and I quickly learned that although we are all different we can still respect differences and learn from those around us.

In 2008 I was a recruiter for Union College, in 2009 I recruited solely for the Business Division, during that time I realized how different and unique Union is compared to any other place on earth. The people here are extraordinary and the amount of empathy and courage that surrounds each individual amazes me. Union is more than just a college, or a Christian education, it is a temporary home that leaves behind a lifetime of memories and knowledge.

As a senator I realized that change is needed, I want the senate position to be respected and appreciated as a position of action and voice. As a senator you represent the direct student body, it is not a Senators job to sit and wait for people to complain, it is the senators job to seek out ways in which they can improve the campus for all those in it.

Senate is the major part in the Vice Presidents job, and with my experience and dedication to getting tasks at hand seen through to the finish, I will speak and act for you. With your help and ideas, we can make a tremendous change for the better of this school. I know that there are many gifted and talented students on this campus and if we work together we can make a difference that you can see and feel. I want your ideas, your hopes your dreams. I want to be your voice; I want to be the piece of the puzzle that speaks on your behalf turning your suggestions into reality.

Candidate: Andrew Morgan Financial VP

Stats: Hometown Australia then Colorado. Double major in Business Administration empahsis in finance and Music.

Why you should vote for him?

I have always been very involved in student leadership, both in the community and at each school I have attended. Since starting high school, I have held eight student leadership positions, some years holding two positions in different organizations; I have served as treasurer/financial vice president for four of those years. I am involved in many groups here on campus including freshman class treasurer, Unionaires, Concert Winds, and Chamber Orchestra.

My interests include music, skiing, kneeboarding, roller coasters, and geocaching. I really enjoy meeting new people and just hanging out with friends. I would really like to serve on ASB next year because I want to make a difference at Union.

Money Talks. He listens. That is exactly how I want to serve Union next year. I want to listen to the opinions of each person and help incorporate your ideas into how we plan and budget our year. Thank you for your consideration!

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