Sunday, February 21, 2010

I see you.

The morning started like any other, waking up to a shrill alarm clock. Something no one likes, and if you do you’re mental. However, the small heart attack I had when my alarm went off was nothing compared to what happened when I went to take a shower and saw a guy standing in the doorway. That isn’t exactly correct, I saw a poster with a guys face on it, which I, in my sleep depravation, thought was a real guy. After a few seconds of bewildered embarrassment I realized my mistake, though I was still embarrassed and bewildered but for other reasons. And so began my encounter with ASB campaign paraphernalia.

I am not against people using any methods to get elected, so long as everything stays legal, but there comes a point when the audience just doesn’t care anymore. I have seen the posters and stickers everywhere. Something that should be normal for campaigning, but in the bathroom. Really? I just don’t understand that approach.

It seems that the longer these campaigns go on the less environmentally friendly they become. A few posters sure, but having them plastered everywhere is not only tacky but a waste. It clutters the boards leaving no room for real updates and it will cause undue amounts of trash. Unless the participants are willing to hunt down all their posters and recycle the ones they aren’t going to keep, I don’t think they should put up any. I would also like to be able to eat and drink with out someone trying to persuade me to believe they are the best candidate.

Tuesday will be a joyous day for me because all the campaigning will end. Sure some people are going to be crushed as their unrealistic dreams hit reality, but I will finally be able to go about my life in peace. I wish all the contestants luck, unless the don’t take down their own posters and recycle them once this is all over.

Michelle Current


  1. Michelle, I promise I will take down all of my posters and recycle them. Even if you don't vote for me!... But please vote for me... :0)

  2. heh heh, "crushed as their unrealistic dreams hit reality" you make me smile friend.
    And I agree with you- the overabundance of last minute campaigning and overpowering color schemes are becoming annoying.

  3. @ Ruth - knowing you, you're hard at work finding where stickers got put and helping take them down too. Not an easy job, as I noticed today, but I'm glad to know you're on it!


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