Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 8

Brandy sported a HUGE smile. She is genuinely a happy person.
She is less concerned with conservative traditions and is confident in who she is as an individual. Her fun, flirty ensemble featured grey,/smoky-blue eye shadow, a dress with an above-the-knee black bottom and a cap-sleeve, low V- neck top in a fun black, white, and blue print. She modeled a patriotic color pallet as the final solid color appeared in her low, red heals.

Brandy’s hair looked sharp. It looked like it had recently been trimmed and I couldn’t see any roots. It was neatly pulled half-way back, showing off her face’s bone structure and creating a welcoming feel. This tells me that she cares about presentation. After all, perception = reality.
-Kortnye Hurst

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