Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect Part 7

Owen Hansen:
Owen’s appearance indicated that he is living the life of a busy, male college student. For that, he may likely be able to empathize with the crammed schedules of the masses.

The dress shirt’s collar was not starched, the pants were crumpled, and the shoes unpolished. His pants were hemmed at an appropriate length, he sported a silver ring on his left pointer finger, one black and one white bracelet on his left wrist. His glasses were smart, with modern frames in a neurtral color.
This bachelor may not be focused on the bells and whistles, but is about getting the job done.
-Kortnye Hurst

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  1. Not only just black and white bracelets, but there was a blue one in there too that matched the black white and blue suit combination that he wore. =]


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