Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vice President AKA ruler of senate

Two accomplished candidates are running for vice president: Lauren Keller and Owen Hansen. Both will be seniors, both believe in giving Union a senate to be proud of, and both are worthy candidates for the position. I hope that each voter gives careful consideration to both candidates before choosing.

Lauren started her speech by moving from the stage to the floor, making it so she was on an even level with the students, an essential position for vice president. To be able to effectively lead senate she will need her ability to understand people by being on the same playing field. Lauren has two years of previous senate experience and knows how to get things done effectively. She quoted an old Chinese proverb “Tell me I’ll forget, show me, I may remember, but involve me and I’ll understand.” Her goal for next her as ASB vice president is to show every student that “they have a voice, and that voice matters.”

Owen also spoke from the floor instead of the stage, starting with his experiences of Union College. Owen has seen the impact that ASB has on the students and how in return the students impact ASB. He focused specifically on how students are Unions highest priority, because with out students there would be no college. Because next year is his senior year Owen has no agenda to push in senate, everything that he will work on next year will be for the future students. To make their experiences more enjoyable, their lives easier, and their goals attainable is what senate is for. Owen wants nothing more than to give the students of Union College a place they can comfortably discuss their dreams, desires and distresses—and that place is senate.

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-Michelle Current

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