Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LIfe's Choices, God's Answers

I need so much wisdom right now – can I get a witness? Anybody else freaking out with a million things to do? There’s so much to do – I don’t even know where to start. And that’s unusual for me. So I started with blogging, because that’s obviously the most important (not even sarcastic).

Does anybody else hate major decisions? You know, the ones that could turn things around and direct the course of your life? I do – at least when they’re hard. And they usually are. I used to have trouble deciding what God wanted me to do. I felt like if I presented Him with two options (or more), He would have a definite answer as to which one was the better choice. And sometimes He does. Sometimes it is obvious. But what I’m slowly learning is that sometimes all He wants from me is a commitment to serve Him, no matter where I end up.

Does it matter what I do for spring break? Maybe. But if I’ve prayerfully considered my options and asked for doors to open and close where appropriate, and all my options are still available, it may be that God is asking me to pick an option and choose to serve Him there. God’s will for my life isn’t always about what my job is, or who I marry, or whether I go to chapel today. It’s about falling more and more in love with Him, so much so that I spill over with love for the people I meet each day.

I’ve still got tons of decisions to make. And they’re stressing me a little bit. But not as much anymore. I’ve dedicated my heart to Him again this morning – and that’s His will for my life today.

-Tori H.

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