Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Candidate: Sadie Wren-President

Stats: Junior, Language Arts Education Major.
           Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

I am ready to use my skills in leadership to help students truly embrace the spirit of Union College. I am passionate about all aspects of ASB and have worked in nearly all areas. Below is a list of the positions in which the ASB president is in charge of encouraging, advising, and helping. Following the position title, you will find my experience in that area.

At Union College: Social VP 2008-2009, yearbook editor in high school. Speaker for the U-Crew summer recruitment team.

At Walla Walla University (Fall 2009): Ad Manager of ASWWU (Associated Students of Walla Walla University--sold $13,000 in one quarter) managed the funds that came in and out, sent out invoices, and kept record of what was received. Staff writer for the Collegian. Webmaster and PR director for Campus ministries.

Why you should vote for her:
I have experience, but I also have passion and vision. If elected, I will not only lead in the present, but prepare for leadership for the future by starting the first Leadership Conference on our campus for academy leaders. I will provide at least ten community ASB brightly colored bikes on campus so that people can ride to class and not be late, have fun, and not freeze in the winter. I will make ASB more than a Saturday night activity. All officers will hold office hours and these hours will be posted. Positions such as Webmaster and Academic Activities Director will be evaluated and clear goals will be set in regard to what the job includes. I would like to see the Webmaster include classified ads on our webpage so students can buy and sell or look for roommates easily. I envision the academic coordinator using the webpage to organize study groups and reserve study rooms.

I know the potential that each area has and I am ready to achieve that potential. I am ready to share my love for Union college with everyone on campus and off by working with ASB officers and administration.

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