Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Candidate: Lauren Keller Executive VP

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Major: Business Administration Emphasis: Marketing Minor: Communications

Tidbits: Attended summer school in Valencia Spain studying Spanish and culture. Attended a week long leadership seminar in North Dakota.


• Was first recognized as a leader in the sixth grade when chosen to represent my public school as a Page at the Topeka, Kansas Capital.

• Currently holds is secretary for class of 2011.

• I have been voicing the concerns of students for two years as a Senator.

Why you should vote for her:

I attended public school for five years and later went to Midland Academy, I believe that the time I spend in public school made me well rounded. No one knew what an Adventist was, and I made it my personal mission to be an example daily. Although talking about God to all of my fellow class mates did not make me many friends, I learned a lot about people. Different cultures and different beliefs surrounded me and I quickly learned that although we are all different we can still respect differences and learn from those around us.

In 2008 I was a recruiter for Union College, in 2009 I recruited solely for the Business Division, during that time I realized how different and unique Union is compared to any other place on earth. The people here are extraordinary and the amount of empathy and courage that surrounds each individual amazes me. Union is more than just a college, or a Christian education, it is a temporary home that leaves behind a lifetime of memories and knowledge.

As a senator I realized that change is needed, I want the senate position to be respected and appreciated as a position of action and voice. As a senator you represent the direct student body, it is not a Senators job to sit and wait for people to complain, it is the senators job to seek out ways in which they can improve the campus for all those in it.

Senate is the major part in the Vice Presidents job, and with my experience and dedication to getting tasks at hand seen through to the finish, I will speak and act for you. With your help and ideas, we can make a tremendous change for the better of this school. I know that there are many gifted and talented students on this campus and if we work together we can make a difference that you can see and feel. I want your ideas, your hopes your dreams. I want to be your voice; I want to be the piece of the puzzle that speaks on your behalf turning your suggestions into reality.

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