Monday, February 15, 2010

I love You

Yeah right, like anyone can believe what someone says on Valentines Day. A day specifically meant to tell that special someone in your life that you love them, and if you do you will also follow these three steps: Flowers with Chocolate, Dinner, and well we all know what happens after dinner (keeping it Adventist of course). And if by chance someone doesn’t follow that simple plan they are considered a bad significant other. This entire way of thinking is wrong.

Valentines is a cop out for all the lazy boys in America who don’t want to actually put thought or feelings into their presents. So instead of being intelligent and dumping their lazy butts we have provided them with a step-by-step manual of what to do. The down side, it’s only once a year.

Of course the boys that only do things on Valentine’s Day pay for it, every restaurant, confectionery, and florist jacks there prices way up, squeezing every penny they can from this holiday. Showing love to your significant person should not be so marginalized, a healthy relationship doesn’t need Valentine’s Day because the participants already constantly reaffirm and shower the other person with ­­­affection.

Overall Valentines Day should be a day where you tell all the special people in your life that you cherish them, because you never know when you will be able to tell them next. Or maybe I am just bitter because it’s my birthday and I have to share it with all the couples. Naw, I am not that shallow.

-Michelle Current

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