Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paradigm Dynamics of Couture Intellect

When I was first asked to write for The Rees Hall’s Clog, covering what the ASB candidates wore at their campaign speeches and what it meant, I was a bit hesitant.

It’s like giving myself more homework.

. . . I might not be out of a meeting on time to attend Chapel.

What if I need chapel time to review for the quiz in my next class?

These thoughts streamed through my mind. Suddenly, it hit me over the head like a “no-duh.” I mean, how often is a girl asked to critique what others are wearing?!

Women were born to criticize- I mean, critique. Short of being a snobbish judge on Project Runway, or a fashion diva extraordinaire from TLC’s What Not to Wear, this opportunity virtually never arrives.

Today, upon Rees Hall request, I stepped into the shoes of Stacy London (one of the hosts on What Not to Wear). Today, I had permission to be a critic.

Presidential Candidates

Topher Thompson:

My father is obsessed with shined shoes. He has repeatedly told me, “Kortnye, when you are hiring people (or looking for a husband), look at the souls of their shoes. If the soles are not shined, they will not pay attention to other details.”

Maybe it was the respectable distance of the front row from the stage, but it did not appear that he had invested the time to shine his shoes.

I rate Topher’s overall look in the top two for the male candidates. Other than the shoe observation, his ensemble was crisp. He appealed to a traditional audience by wearing a grey suite with muted pinstripes. The collar of his white dress shirt was starched, and the shirt’s cuffs reached the appropriate length. His hemmed trousers hit just above the floor. His tie was a collage of diagonal rectangles in a variety of blue hues. This was a small hint at his fun side.

-Kortnye Hurst

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