Thursday, February 25, 2010

That's What Makes Them Pirates

Summary of the Story

A woman pirate and her crew search high and low across the seven seas to find the pirate who ____________________________*. When the stumble upon ____________________* on an island. Little do they know, these _______________* are just the ones they have been really searching for all this time. With action, romance and confessions of a long-lived pirate crew, this story unfolds into a turn of events that will keep you entertained.

*Go to the show to fill in the blanks!

Characters to watch for:

The Mute: so few words and yet a priceless role.

The Fantastic Parrot Pilfer: I’ve never seen a puppeteer so active.

Kate- Beautiful and charming someone I would very much rescue form the sword of a pirate.

Nathaniel: Have you ever seen someone dance in stocks before?

Mr. Mallard: The manliest pirate voice I’ve ever heard.

Behind the Scenes:

I was able to watch the crew warm up together before the show. It gave me a little background look at how well this group works together and how dedicated and talented they are to do this several times a week.

Why should you see it?

It took my mind to a different land, a land where homework did not even exist. It was very entertaining to see my classmates with talents that I didn’t even know that they had. It was like eating candy.

The music/band was probably my favorite part. Without the music, it would be like taking a pan out of the oven without hot mitts. The music was creative and lively and it made me want to play the tambourine really bad. I give Mike Mennard an A+.


GO WATCH THE PLAY… because if you don’t, you are not truly living.

-Mollie Cummings

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  1. The play is absolutely fantastic! :-) Mollie, I completely agree with the A+.


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