Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hopeless vs. Hopeful

I’m a tad confused. Doesn’t the word hopeless mean that a person has no hope or any bright expectations for the future? Thus, if someone is a hopeless romantic shouldn’t that mean that they have no hope about romance? However, it seems that everyone uses the phrase ‘hopeless romantic’ completely out of context. When people say that someone is a ‘hopeless’ romantic shouldn’t they really mean a ‘hopeful’ romantic.

Hopeful romantics are the psychotic people that still believe in fairytales. You know those friends that you roll your eyes at because of their obsessively annoying conquest for their ever elusive “true” love. You can spot a hopeful romantic by their continuous lamentation about perfect relationships. In my opinion, these types of people are basically junkies who get their fix whenever they encounter a love story.

Hopeless romantics on the other hand are the compassionless cynics of the world (i.e. myself). These jaded people are the ones who watch movies and laugh when Romeo and Juliet die. To die for an idealistic, unreachable feeling that doesn’t even exist is a silly way to die. These hopeless people believe that love is a myth and will never accept someone else’s devotion because it can’t possibly be real.

People’s personalities decide if they are romantic, but their experiences make them either hopeful or hopeless. If someone has an excruciating experience that involves love then, they will be a hopeless romantic, but if they have an enriching experience they will become a hopeful romantic. Either way the person is still a romantic at heart. However, please do not get any of these definitions confused with someone who places entirely to much effort into caring about emotions. Because then we are on the subject of what makes an Emo kid and that is a blog in itself.

Michelle Current

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