Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reactions to the Awareness Worship

The following quotes come from students who attended the alcohol awareness worship.

“I’m pretty sure I taught that same health lesson three weeks ago to my fifth graders.” Emily Carlson

“What impressed me was the audience was respectful and listened to what they said.” Mollie Cummmings

“I felt it was nice, but honestly they didn’t say anything we didn’t know already. We didn’t gain anymore knowledge about alcohol or the situation.” Chipo Chibende

“I didn’t feel that they were very sincere and from some of the comments they made afterwards I knew they weren’t.” Mariah Wood

“I would have respected them a lot more if they said XYZ happened. We made a mistake, apologized for it, then moved on to the topic at hand. Instead of raising my respect level, it lowered it.” Dani Diede

"I wanted powerpoint with that presentation." Isaac Huston

“It was good with the all students and no staff. It was easier to talk.” Jenny Leslie

"When are we going to have a real alcohol awareness program? Last year there was a whole week on it." Taleah Valles

What's your opinion? Not just on the worship, but more importantly on the subject of alcohol. How can you raise awareness? Is there an alcohol problem on Union's campus (or any Adventist campus for that matter) and what are you going to do to combat it?

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