Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To: those who fake bake.

Dear Fair Skinned Dorm Mates,

I have a question on an epidemic I am seeing on our campus. Tanning. You may wonder why someone of my complexion may care to ponder this subject. But I must admit it intrigues me.

What is the purpose of tanning? You want to appear darker. It seems like our society puts too much emphasis on skin color. So much that you are willing to expose yourself to cancer to achieve this (look up the facts the cancer risk is real…don’t deny it).

I know our campus values health and wellbeing. No smoking, drugs, ect… How is this an exception to the matter?

Please be happy with the color of your skin. Don’t burn yourself into cancer or that dreaded “orange tint”.

In the words of my dear friend, “God is the artist of the color of our skin”.

Remember and embrace your complexion the way it is.


An anonymous black girl


  1. Did you know? It's actually safer to tan in a tanning bed then expose yourself to the rays of the sun during the summer. So if you control yourself... and tan once a week or so, It's not harmful for you, actually, it can be very good during the "winter blues" or when you are trying to get in shape. You see...for us light skinned girls, the darker we look, the more "in shape" we look. And the better we feel about ourselves, the more likely we are to continue working out.
    I do agree, that orange tint is gross... but using the tanning moderately, is more than good... its like frosted flakes...ITS GRRRREEEAT.

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  3. whether sun or tanning bed the bottom line is you need to be careful



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