Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Want to work on your fitness

Union College offers some great fitness programs to the students. Yoga and personal training were the highlight of last semester, but now a new class is coming to campus. Zumba.

Elba (Rees Hall 4th west R.A) a certified Zumba instructor teaches this class. This semester it will be offered at Larson Lifestyle Center. Some of you ladies may be sad because it isn't located in the basement anymore, that was easy access especially in the cold, but never fear your trek won't be in vain. The new location is going to be way better. There is a mirror wall so that you can see if you are doing the moves correctly (or laugh at your effort) and a better sound system.

Don't be afraid to go! Zumba is exciting, fun, and makes you sweat. Put on those sneakers and grab some of your friends and head over to Larson around 7:55 tonight. Class starts at 8:00 and finishes at 9:00.

Getting in shape will be a joy as you salsa and meringue. So check it out tonight and Thursday night.

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