Sunday, January 10, 2010

Introducing: Michelle Current

Hello ladies,

As another week is about to begin at Union college I hope all of you are looking foreword to the classes you will be taking this semester. If you don’t like your classes at least they will only last for a semester. I am Michelle Current and I will be writing for the flush flash this semester. I am a Junior Communications major and I love people those are basically the only important things I have to share about me, other trivial information includes my obsession with cute things, the color green, and love for good stories. Some people in the dorm affectionately call me purple head, because my hair is purple.

A few exceptionally exciting things have happened already this year. Taylor decided to unplug her fridge for break and came back to find it had started growing mold, no moves have been made to clean it as of yet. I sprained my ankle walking down the stairs… the weather had no part to play in that. Best of all the first weekend is here, meaning time to catch up on sleep and recuperate for all those who have already gotten into the bad habit of staying up late, and yes I am most definitely one. Enjoy your day off.

(Taylor and Michelle)

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