Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That's what makes them Pirates

Hey ladies!

This is an update on That's What Makes Them Pirates, a musical by Mike Mennard, our very own English professor. So far, everything is going very quickly and smoothly. The stage is built, and we know our songs and (most of) our lines. We still need to decorate, figure out all our constumes, and do a few other things. Today, our choreographer came and led us in some awesome moves for several of the numbers. It was so neat to watch it all come together. My personal favorite is the song, Bucaneer on Broadway, with Owen Hansen singing the lead part of Mr. Mallard. The choreographer taught him some awesome dance steps that look really cool and hillarious all at the same time.
Please keep the cast and crew in your prayers and come watch us on Sundays! We welcome any audience.
That's all for now... expect regular updates on our progress.


Captain Natasha Rapscallion

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