Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random story of the week

My adventures with Kayla, I have come to the conclusions that it cannot be called an adventure unless Kayla is involved.

Last Tuesday Kayla and I decided to go get food of campus (because always eating the in the cafĂ© gets old) well we pulled up to the little ordering board thing and gave the nice man our order. Everything seemed like it was going ok until he read back the order to us, something fast food restaurants do to insure accuracy. We had ordered a crunch wrap supreme, a crunchy potato soft taco, and a cheesy bean and rice burrito with no cheese (basically a bean and rice burrito) the man had gotten everything correct except for the cheesy bean and rice burrito with no cheese, he thought we wanted to add beef to the burrito, after a few seconds of very confusing conversation we thought he had our order exactly as we wanted it. We were wrong. Instead of getting one burrito with only beans and rice we got two burritos: one with the cheese still on it, and one with beef added to it. Having not checked the order until getting back to Union we decided to call it good instead of going back and complaining, since they didn’t charge us for the extra burrito (which went to my roommates boyfriend, he loved it).

The fun adventures I have with Kayla make the entire week enjoyable, because no matter how stressful things get I have a friend who makes everything better by revealing the humor behind it.

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