Sunday, January 31, 2010

Group Projects

I am not sure there is anything in the world that I loath hearing more than those two words from my teachers, although “you fail” comes pretty close. Nothing about group projects are pleasant, even when the group members work well together. Finding time is next to impossible with college schedules.

The make-up of groups makes or breaks the project putting people into high stress mode, no one wants to get a bad grade because their group sucks, however the high stress affects the group dynamic making people feel uncomfortable. Then comes the problem of interpersonal relations with in the group (the friend-to-friend process does not work in this situation), nothing is more annoying then having two group members always at each others throats for some stupid reason that no one else can understand.

But it always seems to happen at the worst time—the night before the project is due. Seriously who gets their homework done before then? Definitely not communication majors (myself), well there are a few(darn Taleah and Allyssa), but whatever.

So when teachers force students to form groups, either student choice or teachers, I don’t understand how they think anything will actually be accomplished. I guess we do get it done eventually—after several stressful group meetings were nothing happens. Other wise teachers wouldn’t assign group projects.

Which makes me think that everyone should boycott group projects this semester.

If all students stopped doing the homework then teachers could possibly fail us, but they might also finally get the hint that group projects are not the way to go. We should form a students union, protesting our rights as individuals with lives outside of school. Progress can only be made threw sacrifice. Yes, I am asking you to not do homework, but it is for the betterment of society. Or at least my mental health.

When faced with group projects this semester and you get to the point were you just want to shank* everyone (violence is NEVER the answer) in your group remember my advice, we can win against the teachers, but only as a united force.

Michelle Current

*Rees Hall nor Union College support the use of shanks and they are an illegal item to have in the dorm.

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  1. Haha Michelle, I love you. I personally have a love-hate relationship with group projects.


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