Monday, January 11, 2010

Unique Beauties

There is an odd obligation that I feel as a woman that I am held too. I must look beautiful and not only that, I must be the most beautiful or I’m not good enough. It’s an endless cycle of comparing and judging my self against others and their ability or lack there of to keep up with what I presume to be the only standard worth competing against. 

The worst part about it is that I have been led astray by the lie that I have to be some where close to the top in order for a man to desire me. If I fall near the bottom it is as if I’m an unseen shadow.

I see so many beautiful women on this campus, each in their own way. Unique blends of flavorful qualities that make them shine like the first star that you see. Yet, by my own false belief of the need to compete I in a way bring them down. How many girls on this campus feel untruthfully ugly?! Most likely more than one and yet instead of using the ability God has given us to edify and help each other we look and judge and with just a glance condemn each other to the fate we have so unwillingly carved out for ourselves. 

It’s true that what you see in yourself you portray to the world. So while we may need to help support each other start by believing in yourself. See yourself for the beautiful woman God created you to be and eventually others won’t be able to help, but see that in you too.

-Kaylea Blackburn

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  1. I love this :-) Especially the idea that "Yet, by my own false belief of the need to compete I in a way bring them down." It's a good thing to remember.

    By making disparaging remarks about ourselves and our looks, what are we saying about the other women on this campus? That a certain standard of beauty must be met for THEM to be happy, successful, accepted? It seems that when we destroy, dismantle or criticize ourselves in that way, we are destroying, dismantling and criticizing each other (whether strangers or best friends).

    Great job on this posting Kaylea, I really appreciated it.


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