Sunday, January 24, 2010

Always a rock and never a geode

As a college student it seems like there is never enough time to get everything done. I have spent the last year attempting to be more organized so that I can get everything done—it hasn’t worked. I am now a serious planner, everything goes into my cute little Union College planner, yet this does me no good when I forget to actually look at it.

 Which leads me to then think that some teachers a sadists.

Why else would they assign so much homework in such a sort time frame? And if teachers are sadists does that make most college students masochists? I mean how many people would willingly put themselves through something they knew was going to be difficult? Something that would stretch their abilities to the very limit and then ask for more?

College is about more than getting a degree. If that was the only thing I had come for, I would have left a long time ago. College is about learning your limits and then pushing past them, because you can. When the homework gets to difficult and I find myself staying awake all night to finish an assignment I question my sanity.

“Why am I doing this?” becomes a mantra in the back of my head until my determination turns around and smacks it. I have to constantly be reminded that even when things seem hopeless if I can over come that, then what could possibly defeat me? When the time comes to graduate (lucky seniors) I hope that each of us will be able to look back upon college career as if it was a rock polisher. We all come to college as rough stones with little value, but we leave as beautifully polished rocks.

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